Boost Your Credit Score Instantly!

what's a Tradeline?

A tradeline is a term used by credit reporting agencies to describe credit accounts listed on your credit report. If you have a credit card, a cable bill, a mortgage, or a loan, all activity associated with any of those accounts is considered a Trade Line. Activity can include payment history, age of account and the type of account.

Yes! it's Legal

So how can a Trade line benefit you? As an authorized user you’ll be able to enhance your credit. Typically a trade line can boost your FICO score 20-70 points per tradeline. Consider there are no hard inquiries to become an authorized user. You’ll benefit by having good activity reflecting on your credit report.

Below are a list of accounts  that are available

APP CREDITORS Credit Limit Credit Age Post Date Price
amex1 American Express $18,000 5 years 11th $550
bankofamerica12 Bank of America $5,000 7 years 28th $450
bankofamerica12 Bank of America $43,000 2 years 22nd $600
barclays1 Barclays $12,000 1 year 27th $350
chase1 Chase Freedom $20,000 9 years 4th $600
capitalone1 Capital One $7,500 7 years 18th $450
citi1 Citi-Preferred $11,000 10 years 13th $600
citi1 Citi-Double Cash $10,500 9 years 14th $600
citi1 Citi-Simplicity $6,200 8 years 13th $450
discoverit Discover it $27,000 7 years 10th $600
mcu1 MCU $13,500 1 year 8th $350
chase1 Chase Unlimited $13,000 1 year 8th $350
macys Macys $17,000 10 years 16th $650
amazon Amazon $10,000 7 years 17th $500