Credit Elite Inc. was established with a modest mission:  Create meaningful pathways towards financial security for individuals who have traditionally been left out of the conversation.

What does that mean?

Simply put, we provide credit repair and building services designed to support those who have been largely ignored by the financial world.  Among the many barriers created by income inequality, inaccessibility to financial education can be devastating.  For many living in poverty, the basic concepts of creating financial stability are never taught, and as such, many fall victim to dangerous scams, programs, or advice that will make it feel impossible to ever get out of debt.  At Credit Elite, our goal is to eradicate economic inequality through financial education, repair, and experience. 

As the sons of immigrants growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood filled with gang violence, drugs, and crime, we were never given an opportunity to learn about financial security. Unfortunately, the public education system didn’t have a curriculum to teach the importance of credit.  For many living in these conditions, the idea of maintaining good credit and building financial security can seem impossible – simply because no one has taken the time to teach them how easy and important it is.  We created Credit Elite Inc to provide low cost financial education, support, and consultation services to those who have been ignored by the financial industry in the past. 

Credit Elite Inc believes that everyone deserves a financially secure future. We educate and support those who have traditionally been left out of the conversation. We believe that we can change the financial future of families for generations to come.

You want to know what's more important than throwing money in the club? "Credit"




Anthony Saldarriaga is 29-year-old who was born and raised in Astoria Houses a New York City Housing Authority projects in Queens, NY. He achieved his Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Investigations from John Jay College. Post graduation, he worked as an investigator in both the private and public sector. During his time in college, Anthony developed a deep interest and passion for credit development and education. At the age of 18, he applied for his very first credit card, in which he, like any other new, young cardholder, initially struggled to successfully manage it. Taking the time to educate himself and research multiple avenues to restore his credit, he developed a unique skill and craft in understanding, managing, and maintaining good credit. After years of aiding others in achieving financial freedom and developing good, reputable credit, Anthony and his brother ventured in creating their company, Credit-Elite Inc. The current mission and vision of this company is to remotely assist and aid those in need of in-depth credit education, development, repair, management, and maintenance. Additionally, Anthony also strives to provide Credit Elite services to NYCHA and low-income residents with the opportunity to have a chance at financial stability and opportunity. 


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